Casheart originates from our tradition, and is strengthened in the choice to want to develop the experience and talent that have always characterized “Made in Italy”. For this reason, Casheart also means “art of cashmere”, following the road of arts and crafts that has always characterized our region, Tuscany, since the art of the weavers of Dante’s times.

The spirit that animates Casheart Autumn/ Winter 2017-2018 collection is the search for a feminine point of view. An authentic Made in Italy produced within our structure, imbued with professionalism and craftsmanship: a genuine Made in Italy that intrigues you. The colours are neutral and tonal, stippled with timeless shades such as red India and warm tones of timeless greens. Bright colors, chosen to enhance the feminine incarnate. A refined and super-feminine collection with the use of seductive materials: brilliant silkworms mixed with silk woven and impalpable cashmere tapestries that allude to a femininity out of time. Leather garments, sheepskin and precious mink alternating with knitwear for a refined comfort. The cross-sectional knitwear is perfect for any occasion and is attentive to every detail. Trousers complete the collection with dry fit alternating between boyfriends and soft dandy pants. Like in every collection there are accessories, hats and scarves, sometimes enriched by lurex jersey stitches.