Maglificio Beby Cashmere Knitwear Production, Fine Wool and Yarn Made in Italy since 1952


Maglificio Beby has always believed in the added value of production achieved within its own productive structure. As a result of this, our production is naturally 100% MADE IN ITALY.


Our history

Our story begins in Tuscany in the 1930s when, as craftsmen, we designed knitwear made on hand-operated machines.

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Work with us

Our professionalism and experience are at the service of important Italian companies operating in the field of fashion

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All news previews about our new collections to our products to our stores and to our events

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Discover our Boutique

The CASHEART boutiques are synonymous with tradition, professionalism and organization that only a company with over sixty years of history can offer. We are waiting for you to come and touch our “Made in Italy” creativity with your own hands

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